Buy me a cup of tea…

I’m new to this concept of funding art and artists through Patreon.

I know this, I need help. 🙂

I am in the midst of transitioning from a career as a WordPress web developer into writing full time, both fiction and non-fiction, articles and books.

I have written for a living in the past. It has been several years. Things have changed. I have changed.

My writing has evolved. I have connected with my source in new ways.

I do not yet know how to earn a living with my new style of writing. I’m working on it.

I feel and receive feedback that my writing sometimes helps people, especially those that are looking inward. Sometimes it helps people that are looking for perspective or entertainment.

If my writing or perspective or anything about my art has helped you, made you feel better, helped you understand something, maybe even if it just helped you to see that my way was not your way, but in seeing that, you could SEE what YOUR way was!

If I have helped, I would love a little help in return. Frankly, I need it. I’m not asking for charity, but if you want to look at it like buying me a cup of tea (not a coffee drinker) or something I would appreciate it.

I feel that my writing has value and am working to dedicate more time and effort to my writing, but currently my dedication serves to take me away from the things that (barely) pay the bills.

So there it is… Help if you like, no guilt or anything else for any that choose not to help. 🙂

Visit my Patreon account to help. Click here <- Takes you to my account on Patreon.

Feedback would be very welcome there as I am new and trying to figure out the best way to open up and enable people to give back.