Why do we even bother to sleep and dream when we have a limited amount of time to live and build a life?

If the wakeful hours are for life building, maybe the dreaming hours are for heaven building…

It was a quick idea tossed out as a bit of dialogue in a book I’m listening to this evening. It reminded me of the guilt I have felt through 2020 as I take afternoon naps.

Sometimes I am physically tired. Sometimes I am suffering from sleep deprivation from the night before. Sometimes, I need a mental reset before I tackle something important transitioning from a previous thing.

No matter what, I know that a nap usually helps.

And some of them also take ‘too long’. Then I feel better, but I feel guilty. The duality of the scenario doesn’t escape me and I’d like to scrub the negative away with a nice mental pivot. Maybe that option is in the cards and maybe I’ll always experience the duality and just have to balance it.

If it can be reconciled, the notion that we might be able to dream our heaven feels useful. Consider that as young children, toddlers and especially infants, we slept a lot. Then we’d wake up and run around at a hundred miles an hour, bouncing off the walls. With all that energy, did we really need a nap?

Was it necessary to nap and build up more energy to be able to bounce off the walls again? Did we over charge ourselves instead of recharging ourselves?

Or were we doing something more useful.

Maybe childhood naps when many people are at their healthiest and most energetic serve to start creating our future heaven. We’re capturing and building a heaven full of the energy and vitality and enthusiasm of being that young. We’re capturing and building a heaven where we are coddled as a baby, where we learn and grow at tremendous speeds. True bad things can and often do happen during childhood and yet, we sleep a lot then and we dream more.

Later in life we do less dreaming and more ‘real’ life building. Building jobs and careers and savings and maybe a purpose and a family and a home and a retirement. All that real life building takes wakeful time and energy and effort. We crash in exhaustion and sleep and dream even then. Maybe those dreams help us build a heaven with structures and the people we love and do great things with as we bind and build and conceive our tribe.

Late in life, we start running out of physical energy. Napping throughout the day and fitful sleep at night become more the norm. We’re getting closer to our end in the physical life, maybe our heaven is almost ready. maybe we are napping in some finishing touches here and there. We recall again some of the things that stood out in our earlier memories more, even while we might not be able to recall recent things that matter less.

Then we go in for that last and final sleep. We can’t take the physical world with us. All that dream building of our heaven has been done. Its time to go and live the new heaven. Maybe even start building again.

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