Consequences and Boundaries Ep 08 Boundaries Series

Continuing on from Episode 7 where we discussed Emotionally Managing Expectations, today we talk tie it all together and start to look at consequences.

Boundaries imply a consequence. If someone crosses this point, a sequence of events will unfold.  

The point of a healthy boundary is not to control someone else. it is simply a way that we communicate the choices we will make following an event or sequence of events.

So we’ve talked about witnessing the actions of people on social media without taking on emotions for their perceived failure to meet ‘our’ expectations of them.

We can be objective and we can still enforce healthy boundaries, even when we observe hate speech or racist activity.

Nothing about this is easy. 

However, we can learn to witness and act. We can choose to set and communicate healthy boundaries too. We can also simply act without communicating.  We have free will and no obligation to telegraph our actions.

Healthy boundaries with people that we DO have relations with can include communicating our intent.

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