I work for myself. I run my own business. An unproductive day costs me time, money and opportunity. It can cost even more.
Today, I lost a day of productivity. I do schedule days off. Working for myself, I often end up working many more days than a full week before I get a day off.
I do not recommend this approach. It is something that happens.
Losing a day of productivity, an unscheduled day, is one of the consequences of going too far.
Among other things, I am also a single father with 50/50 custody of my children. Unlike 100/0 single parents, I do get a week at a time when I do not have to look after my children.
This is not a situation I would have ever chosen. Life happens. We adapt.
Generally, I am more likely to get a day off during the week that I do not have my children. Raising children on the week that I do have them is a full time job.
This is not a complaint. I am working to be mindful of my circumstances, my strengths, weaknesses etc.
As I shift from a ‘single’ week into a ‘single parent’ week, I am more likely to run myself down.
This week, I was doing a great job of balancing things. I made excellent progress with client projects. I moved the ball towards a goal with new proposals. I coordinated some business meetings to drive more business. I helped clients solve problems to get better results.
I did not give myself anytime off. I gave myself some moments off. I walked through a park Tuesday morning and exercised too. I jogged with a dog friend of mine later that day.
I also worked late every night this last weekend and every day this week.
I got a lot done Wednesday, but encountered a personal set back that day too. It snow balled into wearing me down through the night Wednesday. I did not sleep well.
Thursday was not a productive day for business. I got a lot done as a parent. I needed to do both.
I write this now at 10:14 pm. My daughter is tucked in and I am almost ready for sleep myself. I needed to get this out of my system to let the lost day go. I need to ensure that I rest tonight. I will wake in the morning and help a good friend first thing. She has helped me tremendously in more ways than I can count.
Then, I will dive into my business day. It might be a long day and night of work. I’m looking forward to accomplishing a great deal.
I lost a day of productivity today. My batteries were not charged enough. Unscheduled ‘days off’ the ones that are retroactive. Those days when it is not until 4:38pm when we realize, I haven’t accomplished anything today. These days rarely feel like recharging days.
We have not gifted ourselves a day off. We do not enjoy them. We are not resting.
By the end of the day, I found myself caught in a riptide of lost productivity. I swam the entire day. It was hard work.
I went no where. I did not swim the length of the beach. I did not swim across the bay. I did not even rest and recharge on the beach.
I fought the ocean going no where.
Tonight, I need to recharge on the beach. I need to soak in the moonlight and drift on the grains of sand and enjoy the wind dusting my face.
The least I can do, and the least I will do today, is give myself a head start on tomorrow!

Note ~ This post was written in the past and schedule in the future. These events did not occur today nor this week (time of publishing). I find that I can write more candidly when I add a little time and space to a publishing date.

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