The man, who killed my daughter and I, is dead

I could not digest the news then, but a couple months back, I learned that the man, who killed my daughter and I had passed away.

I do not understand nor know if there is significance in his passing. I do not know how he died. I seem to recall being told. I do not recall the details. Maybe it was drug related. Possibly, he died from liver failure and alcoholism. I don’t know.

There is a lot that I do not know.

On the day we were killed, we shifted. We survived the shift, and life has never been the same.

For the longest time, I was adrift after the shift.

I asked the age old question, “Why me?”

Tonight, I looked at the shift from a different perspective. In every tail of a shift that I have ever heard of, there is always a purpose to the shift. The person that goes through a shift goes through it to serve a purpose.

So what was the purpose of my shift?

Maybe you are already starting to spot the flaw in my logic?

Well, it might not be a flaw in my logic. It is a very ego based question.   “What as the purpose of MY shift?”

Right after I asked myself that question, it became apparent to me or more apparent.

Because (word play now) I am a parent.

I was not the only one that shifted that day. My daughter shifted as well. We were both killed by the reckless driver, smashed by his truck as he flipped coming around the corner in our neighborhood. The shift kept us alive.

Our world is not the same as the one prior. I am most definitely not the same and yet I am.

Now, I’m wondering if the purpose of the shift was not solely for me to shift. I might have simply been along for the ride.

The purpose of the shift was to shift my daughter but for what?


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