Create a Gratitude list and add to it over time…. writer everything you can think of…

I have been working through the 30 questions offered by Linda Star Wolf’s ’30 Shamanic Questions’ book for almost 3 months now. In the early days, I did a question a day, but some of these take time and work and processing time.  🙂

I’m approaching the end a bit….

Today, as I write this, it is Friday. It is easier to feel grateful today after a long week of work, and successful work accomplishment as compared to weeks where things are not as easy. 🙂

Similarly, as these things go, it is also a little difficult to focus on work as the end of the work day approaches (or for me, as the end of the work day approaches for others, and I simply prepare for a supper break, a transition to drop my kids off with their mother for their week with her, and then get back on track with my next project…)

You might infer from the above a couple things…. and these will start my list!

  1. I am grateful for all three of my children. ❤
  2. I am grateful for their mother and their opportunity to spend time regularly with her.
  3. I am grateful to have work.
  4. I am grateful for the many projects that I am currently working on. (I am not so busy that I couldn’t use more, I really could, but I am happy for what I have too!)
  5. I am happy to have food and the ability to eat. (These days I take nothing for granted.)
  6. I am very happy to have (making payments on) a relatively new and reliable car.
  7. I am very grateful to my parents, who helped me car shopping and helped me get out from underneath my previous car which was in the midst of dying a very very expensive death that I could not afford.
  8. I am very grateful to my family. Many are distant from me, but they love me. I love them. I learn from them constantly and endlessly.
  9. I am grateful to be able to love, not just family but friends and my special love for my girlfriend Sharon Parton. There was a time not too long ago, when I questioned if this would be possible and worked very hard on myself, to rebuild and heal and make it possible, to make it real. ❤
  10. I am grateful for my ability to heal, to grow, to learn, to look inside myself, my mind, my soul, my environment and surrounding and suss things out, to spot opportunities for improvement and work towards realizing those.
  11. I am grateful for being relatively healthy. This comes somewhat naturally to me, but as I move into my mid forties, it is not something I take for granted. I work at maintaining my health very diligently. I do not take the results or the outcome for granted. My work on myself is my health plan. I have no other.
  12. I am grateful for the support and help and compassion of many many close friends. I work to pay this forward and to pay this back when and where and as I can. I do my best. I am grateful that I keep trying and finding new ways.
  13. I am grateful to my love of running and yoga and dancing and reading.
  14. I am grateful for my love of music and grateful that this love has been shared with at least one of my children, although his musical inclinations vary from my, I love that he loves music.
  15. I am grateful for my skills and ability to communicate, to write, to type, to self publish online and more. Like my physical health, this has come somewhat naturally, but I have worked very diligently at this as well. I take my natural ability and hone it relentlessly.
  16. I am very grateful for my compassion, my patience, my empathy to those that matter to me the most and to all people that I encounter. I am not perfect. I have my faults (and simultaneously forgive myself and acknowledge them and work on them ) but at my core, I like other people. I love other people. I see the good in other people far more than the negative and love to witness the good that they are able to express.
  17. I am grateful for my sense of hearing. My ability to hear words and certain ranges of speech is a bit impaired, not much but enough to create communications problems at times. Still I am grateful for what I have, especially as it enable me to enjoy music.
  18. I am grateful for perfect eye sight. This did not come naturally to me and is the result of surgery some 16 years ago. It is a miracle that I will always be grateful….
  19. I am grateful for my education. I was blessed with an excellent primary and secondary education. I worked like mad to be able to go to college (GI Bill and working full time and more while in school). I have a double major and a master’s in tax law.  It was not easy and those degrees took almost 9 years of effort. I have received lots of other education before that and after. I learn new things almost every day. I do this to survive and thrive in my business.
  20. I love that I have access to friends and family near and far through technology and other means.
  21. I am grateful that dogs exist on this planet.
  22. I am grateful for my love in science and science fiction.
  23. I am grateful for my rhetoric professor in college.
  24. I am grateful for my genetics and my good fortune in remaining young. I am working to live a long, full, wonderful life if not once, many times.
  25. I am grateful for my imagination when conscious, my ability to solve problems and my ability to dream beautifully vivid dreams when asleep.
  26. I am grateful that I started to make this list. It has crystalized my thoughts and increased my motivation to do even more good things for myself, my family, my love, my clients, my friends and the world. I will be back to update this soon!

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