What would it look like and feel like to be living my absolute truth in the world as a co-creator with my divine source?

Something else caught my eye in this chapter, “The soul has the power to calm the ego’s insecuritities by beginning to envision the self that is yet to come.”

hmmmm – so I have a relatively complex vision for my future, if I were to detail out that vision, I feel like I would write for the rest of my life, ergo it would take the rest of my life to detail it. 🙂 And maybe that’s what life is.

But, that’s not what the question above is asking, me thinks.

‘Look like and feel like’

It would feel unforced. It would flow naturally. I might go quickly at times and I might go slowly or deliberately at others, but it would not be forced.

I feel that even now I am learning to swim through the forces that would push me backwards. I am becoming less encumbered by the hooks that would catch my skin in the past. 

This is a taste of my future.

Freedom to be. Codependency is a bit of a self made prison at times. We carry our load and without asking others if they need it, we pick up parts of their load and carry it, and then more and more parts from more and more people until the weight crushes our soul a bit.

My future self will be far better at asking if someone needs help. My future self will be far better at setting boundaries that are healthy for me. My future self will continue to love with an open heart. I will judge less and less and less, others.

I will remain conscious of my own self and keep working to refine and improve.

I will be able to share my truth by living my truth. 

Fear, like the shadow of codependency, will also hold less sway over me. I am human, but I will acknowledge my fears as shadow and remain conscious and connected to ‘calm my ego’s insecurities’.

I will enjoy travelling and seeing beauty every where I go. I will find amazing people on my journeys that will help me connect and grow even more. Sometimes, when they ask, I may be able to help or share with them in return as part of living my truth for them to observe.

I will continue to write and communicate, more so to connect with myself, and less so to ‘preach’ to others. My truth is not to tell people how to fix themselves. My truth is to be open about how I fix myself. This may or may not help others on their own journey. I will not hoard what I learn, but I will not force it on people, I will not yell it at people, I will not dictate it to people, I will not expect them to listen and to follow my advice, my opinion the thing that all of us have, just like assholes.

🙂 I will not expect people to follow my asshole opinions.

I will seek wisdom and truth where I can find it. I will refine my ability to see through un-truth. 

At times, my boundaries will block out the noise of those that might not be living truth. I will do this not to block them out of fear or hate, but simply to bring inner peace to myself so that I can find the truth I need next.

At other times, I will embrace the noise from others. There is balance in calm and order just as their is balance in chaos and noise. Sometimes we need each in their turn. This is something I have grown to appreciate more after many months of attending Conscious Dance, similar to 5 Rythms Dance which progresses through different types of energy including chaos.

Chaos is a lack of order. It is a noise we do not understand.

Sometimes the noise from other people becomes noises we do not understand. This can be because the noise is not truth, or it can be because the noise is a truth we do not yet know.

I will strive not to judge when I first hear the noise. I will hold my truth and I will grow.

The more I progress forward, the easier things will become. 

The world is advancing quickly.

We have many more ways of producing the necessities in life and no longer need to perform some of the work necessary ourselves. Automation is going to change things significantly. There are many people that fear the day when we no longer have to toil to produce.

There are other that also see that we can connect and feel happier when we do ‘choose’ to toil and produce not out of necessity to survive, but out of a desire to thrive in our soul and our body.

I am fortunate. I have read many thousands of histories and futures. I have lived many alternate paths through these journies. It will be easier at times for me to recognize scenarios and choose higher level ideas. That can help me navigate a happier path.

As I do this, I can share what I learn. I can share my experiences. I can gather and find and savor wisdom and truth from others and adjust. In doing all of this, I can live my truth be happier and find and gather with my tribe.

Tribes can be amazing soul collections that enable us to live our truth. They can help us grow.

There is also great power in disbanding and creating new tribes.  This brings in new ways and new perspectives and new opportunities to find truth.

I will not fear the banding and disbanding of my tribes of the future anymore than I will fear my own evolving truth and thus my changing self.

I am not the same person I was a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, a decade ago and more.

I love myself. I love my past selves. I love my current tribes and I love my past tribes and the members of all of them.

I welcome and embrace the new members of my tribe just as I have been welcomed and embraced into my tribes in the past and as I will be in the future.


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