Good morning from the top of Crowder’s Mountain. I am closing out this week on Friday the 13th a few hundred feet above my normal elevation.
It has been a very good week. I have experienced a great deal of ease and progress this week. I have experienced some disappointments as well, but on the whole far more ease and good stuff. Even the disappointment had seeds of awesome in it.
I moved into the week relatively confidant that an ongoing project was on the right track and doing well. A new project was very likely to be approved and it was. Plus, lots of little helps along the way as well.
Add to this, my children had a little more than two snow days and I did not have to over tax myself with extra busy mornings getting them off to school and dealing with school traffic for all but the last two days of the week.
My youngest daughter is even starting to choose to go to bed at night, instead of waiting to be told to go to bed at her bed time and then fighting it, prolonging it for every extra minute. This has led her to get more rest and wake up on her own too! I haven’t dealt with the bear at night nor in the morning and that has made my life a lot easier in many ways, but especially starting the day on a positive note.
I had sought a full time job opportunity with a great company, but learned that a local candidate had been chosen instead. (I would have been a remote employee.) There were many aspects about the job that I really really liked. Still, in the email passing on the information about someone else earning the position, I learned that there might still be a future place there for me in a different role. I am not hanging my hopes on this, but the positivity of it was terrific.  
My business week has gone very very well. It keeps getting better as I just learned that a joint venture with my twin flame, Sharon was approved for retail and web sales. So now, we’ll be off to the races getting that setup and further launching even more new things together. It has been a long time dream of mine to engage in a loving relationship with someone and also create and manage a business together peacefully and easily too. We are making it happen and Sharon is doing amazing things. It is wonderful to see her grow and be there to witness it and provide synergy with her efforts. It is also humbling and helpful for me to learn how to communicate with her in a relationship with this extra facet built into it.
Often times in past relationships, I have experienced and witnessed a disconnect between couples when they cannot fully share their life’s purpose or current projects with their significant other. Sharon and I still have our professional compartments and specializations but growing a bond together personally and in some areas professionally is helping create an even stronger connection. I love this about our relationship and I love her.
It is the middle of January and the temperature is in the low 60’s. The sun is out and people are trickling up to the top of this mountain with me. It has been almost 2 months since I was up here last. Often times I make it here 2-3 times per week, so 2 months is a long time. The mountain has changed and stayed the same. It is beautiful and enables me to breathe easily as the trees and the winter lichen blume and clean the air and my soul.
I always marvel at how much hiking up this mountain lifts people’s spirits. By the time people walk to the top and catch their breath, they are more often than not happy and smiling and walking back down, saying hello to strangers, smiling and encouraging them up, knowing they too will be happy and paying it forward soon as well.
I worked through some sun salutes when I got to the top and loved the long shadows of my arms while in down dog. I’m wearing jeans so I didn’t get to wild with yoga. The rocks are very wet after melting off a few inches of snow from last Saturday. It was grounding to put my hands on the wet granite, but I wasn’t interested in lying in it.  
The coldness of the stone on my ass reminds me to keep this entry quick, and hike back down and close out this week with wonderful effort and ease for myself and my clients and my family and friends and for Sharon.
I hope you join me in ending this week with love and happiness and ease. If instead you are finding this challenging, know that I have extra of all of these things and gladly share them with you now!
Happy Friday!!!


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