My year is off to an excellent start. The first few days of the new year moved me gradually and easily into a new year. There was no rush or hurry.

I felt urgency, but was able to settle into the new year. 
Now, my feeling of urgency is rapidly evolving into quick movement and progress.
Just before the new year, I had a half dozen calls from recruiters looking to fill an immediate position with a very interesting company called Canyon Ranch. They are a resort and spa that has numerous locations around the United States and new locations opening internationally. Plus, cruise ships with more of the same.
They give people a place to go and heal and relax and vacation and find themselves and grow in wellness and health. Yoga, massages, saunas in beautiful surroundings and much much more.  
Aspects of this job sounded excellent. Many of those aspects seemed like a great fit both from a professional perspective, but also from a cultural perspective both work and professionally.
Simultaneously, I have been making progress on an existing project with a long time client in Las Vegas. He has been a very supportive client as a friend as well.  
Plus, (more good stuff) I kicked off and received the green light on a new project with a client yesterday. This client is part of the Hilton Resorts group. I have worked for several years for a different location with Hilton Resorts. This new location and our project resulted from a referral from the other location after wrapping up an excellent project for the first location last fall.
I am very excited to kick this one off. Plus, there is a cool opportunity on this to learn a bit more than I did on the last Hilton project, and (the cool part for me) take that cool new stuff back to the first client helping both achieve even more success. Too often, when I learn something ‘cool’ working on a client’s project. I have to either a) sit on it as it is confidential or b) find some way to make it generic and then ‘sell’ it to a new client. New client’s do not always see the obvious value in a lesson learned like that. They did not learn it or do to the confidential nature of my work, they are unable to see the details that helped make its benefit so obvious to me.  
With this Hilton project, they are related and both groups, the different locations, have agree that sharing information helps everyone!  
So this is going to be a very cool thing!
Things are improving for me personally and my personal finances. I have a lot of work to do here, but getting a number of financial problems straightened out one at a time or a bit at a time. A couple good sized projects would solve all of my challenges here.
A new full time job would solve the problems quickly as well.
Towards the end of the year, I was working to get back on track with my own exercise. I had been ‘working out’ somewhat regularly, but not running or walking as much. I was not making it to yoga regularly at all, more for finance and time reasons.
Halfway through the month, I started getting that fixed. Fast forward into January, and I am doing much better. I’m practicing yoga at home about 3 days a week and getting into the studio 1-2 days a week. I’m feeling a lot healthier and visibly can see improvements as well. 
I have put on some muscle mass over the last year, but also through eating (healthy food, but maybe larger quantities than necessary) I have a few pounds of excess too. Anyway, I’m starting to shed the excess and tone the muscles even more. My goal is not more bulk. 
I am very conscious of not bulking up for heart health reasons. My posture is improving more and more as well, all those hand stands are helping!
I am sleeping well and despite people running through viruses and sinus infections around me, I have kept up my energy and fought those away even when helping to take care of sick people I love.
My vehicle is doing well also. I even found a way to improve my gas mileage by about 5-6 mpg. I need all the ease in finances and travel I can get.
I am working to figure out if I can make it to a conference in Vegas this weekend. I earned a free pass via an exercise contest last fall. (I won another free pass to the NYC version of the conference last week, conference in August.) I am long over due to get back to this conference. I need to refresh my connections and connect with some of the newer companies in the industry and more. I am even longer over due for visiting with my friends and clients in Las Vegas!
Not entirely sure if I can swing this trip this weekend though! That’s something I need to look at later today. There is likely work and business opportunities there. I need those and more. Will see…
I just had a conversation with Sharon, my girlfriend and partner in a new Chakra Practice venture. She reminded me that when things are right, they just happen.
This has been my experience as well. Over the last year, I have felt like I was chasing things, forcing things, trying to make things happen, and they weren’t. 🙂
I have complained, ‘bemoaned’ might be a more apt description the lack of feedback from job interviews. Last spring I went through four rounds of interviews with a company and then never heard a word from them.
Over the last few weeks, things have felt different. They have felt like things are falling into place and happening. I do feel that is the case. Even during the holiday season, I was hearing some information on this new job opportunity.
I went through a couple rounds of interviews. Then, this morning I learned that the position was offered to someone else.
I didn’t get this job. They went with a local candidate.
The last interview I had came to mind as i read a sentence in the email from the HR manager. The sentence “Please keep an eye on our website for future opportunities as I feel your skillset could be an asset to our organization.”
The last interview I had focused on things not mentioned in the job description. Managing accounts for agencies and third party folks outside of the corporation. I have a pretty deep background here across several industries. I also have a foundation doing many areas of that same work.
At the time, during the interview I thought maybe the position might just need to do even more.
Those lines led me to read between the lines and wonder if a new or different position might be listed sometime soon.
I have worked with some great hiring managers on both sides of things. There are times when they can and cannot communicate things on behalf of the company they represent.
Yet, they have to walk a line of cultivating the right people for the open positions they have now as well as a deep bench of candidates for the positions they will need next.
This suddenly felt like the latter. It felt like an even better position with a great company might just be around the corner.
The reminder from Sharon highlights that this is not ‘just happening’. 🙂 That’s not a negative, just a reminder, a healthy reminder, that I need not be stuck in relationships with people or organizations where things are not clearly communicated, nor pine for them to happen.
So I am not.
If something happens great. I will be ready and looking forward to a role that allows me to travel to some amazing places, work with a wide range of amazing people doing wonderful things to help people and make beautiful things happen. I’ll help them communicate and get clear on what they can do for others. I’ll help people discover the magic they offer via the organization they work for. I’ll help that organization be successful and find the easiest path to good results.
I’m excited. ‘say you’ve come a long way, but you never have faith’ ‘too busy earnin’ lyrics from a song that just came on my playlist from Jungle. Love this group. 
Tonight, I think I need to dance. 
Now, I need to go breath and practice yoga.
This month is working out in amazing ways. It is going to get even better!
I hope you make a wonderful month out of January too. Focus on the raising your energy personally and then do positive things with others that are doing positive things.
No need to read between the lines. Just take the reality that is there. Don’t read negative between the lines at all. That’s just self defeating stuff.
These are just a couple of the lessons I have learned recently and cemented in my mind today. I hope you join me in this venture and benefit from the same!


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