I was reading through LinkedIn posts today. This is something I would have never done a year ago. LinkedIn is morphing and becoming a very useful place to find useful, thought-provoking topics, and things that are not necessarily full of boring marketing drivel or the latest way to win friends and influence people, blah, blah, blah with yada, yada on top.

I came a cross a story about Holacracy and maybe its imminent demise.

It had nothing to do with the cool thing I found.

Inside this article about Zappos and Holacracy, it mentioned a researcher named Brené Brown. She had visited Zappos in Las Vegas to talk about some of her own findings. Her research has grown after this amazing Ted Talk she gave called the Power of Vulnerability.

This WAS the cool thing I found!

I watched that Ted Talk and was struck. Over the last year and a half, going on two years, I have lived and breathed vulnerability, my vulnerability.

I did this originally following a surprise divorce. I did it as an intuitive survival mechanism. It helped me connect so much with myself.

I kept doing it.

I shared my pain. I shared my emotions. I shared my fears. I shared my joy. I shared my love. I shared my gratitude. I shared my learning. I shared my regrets. I shared my embarrassment. I shared and shared and shared.

Some argued that I over shared, and that this made me look foolish or weak.

To the contrary, it made me far stronger, healthier and happier.

I laid bare my soul and saved it in the process.

This was a spiritual path, an intuitive thing following and collecting the practical things that worked and doing them again. I ended the practices that did not serve me. I grounded the anxiety and depression any way and anywhere I could.

I sought to do this without numbing myself.

Imagine my surprise, when I viewed this Ted Talk and found that a researcher witnessed this process and my experiences in the data of hundreds and hundreds of people.

My spiritual path, my path in general seemed very practical to me. It worked. Yet, in many ways it seemed very ethereal and something that might not have any traces of ‘normality’ (my judgement and fears of the past talking here).

That was ok. I stuck to my path and my beliefs. I did that because I could witness the improvements taking place in my life, day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month and over more than a year.

I could witness my personal growth through the decades as I reconnected with myself.

I am not alone.

This talk helped me to witness what I just went through in a concise method and something backed up by data and research and understanding.

So what? Who needs a self-validating badge? Do you expect a pat on the back and a slap on the ass for being right or something?


(inner) Demon-speak for some of the old fears again. But the reality is, so what?

The so what is this.

I am not the first to walk this path. I am not weak. (I knew this already and long ago.) Sharing my vulnerability is not weakness. It is more like when Muhammad Ali would drop his arms, drop his guard completely and let his opponent take swing after swing at him. Even with his guard down, he could duck and dodge and dance away from every punch as his inner power and strength and ability made him seem super human.

video set to Can’t Touch this by MC Hammer! ~ That’s fun stuff. 🙂

I am the same. In sharing my vulnerability, I embrace my own super human strength. I embrace the ‘super’ HUMAN within me. I am all to human. I am also very full of humanity and this is my strength too.

As we find our power in our vulnerability, the research, the data, demonstrates that this increases our connection to life, our sense of worthiness, it increases our love for ourselves and helps us measure the value of a life worth living.

We are humans and we run partly on emotion.

When this happens, we increase our BELIEF in our WORTHINESS. From this belief, our power emerges and grows stronger and we heal and take step after step away from the behaviors that do not help us. We take step after step, sometimes baby steps, some times leaps and bounds, away from the things that numbed all of our senses and abilities and our super HUMAN powers to feel and be and help and do wonderful things.

We amplify our abilities to live and love.

Finding this amazing Ted Talk and the epiphany it brought me just made my day better. I thank myself for doing that. I am grateful for finding this post in a squirreled away article on LinkedIn about a shoe company in Las Vegas.

I am grateful that you witness my continual journey on this path. I welcome your own discoveries and evolution as you do the same!


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