The title says it all and says nothing. The day started like many others with an important exception that I didn’t recognize at the beginning.

I woke up, with a mostly empty bank account and many, many demands on me to rapidly improve my finances to pay some fine organizations that have done right by me for the most part.

Yesterday, I had worked through the last of my leads and opportunities. I was at the end of the rope tied to my last straw pinned to my last hope drifting away with the wisps of my dreams. I had given it everything I had. I had nothing to show for it but hope that anything would pay off.

My morning had promises of sending off more resumes that seem to go nowhere , and continuing to improve my small businesses website in hopes of that doing good as well. My plan for the day included driving 2 hours into a 97-degree high humidity piedmont in a car with a broken air conditioner towards a city with the second highest heat index in the country.

I had a plan though!

The plan wasn’t supposed to start until Thursday night. At that time, I was going to take $10 in cash and buy a medium sized tub of French Onion Dip and 1-2 large bags of plain potato chips and use the remainder of the cash to buy (a) lottery ticket(s).

Friday, I would race like crazy to finish my non-fiction book.

Saturday, I would win the lottery in the late evening, not a whole lot, just enough to get caught up and have money to reset on for the next year.

Sunday, I would publish my non-fiction book and give it away to help others.

As plans go, it could have had fewer low probability variables in it, but it is what I had. In fact, I’m sticking with it as Plan A for the moment.

Last night, my girlfriend Sharon provided me lots of comfort and positive encouragement. She performed multiple Tarot readings for me as well, which confirmed that my financial challenges would be gone in five days (Saturday night) and that I would do something to provide emotional support for others.

She provided me with emotional support and then some in simply being there for me as I faced down tough times.

By the morning, I was well rested.

I realized that I had not yet spent any time working with Sharon on her/our joint project. I had intended to do just that since arriving. Two days had gone by and I had not made time for the woman I love… Well, not time for this project of ours.

Just before we started talking, my son contacted me to let me know that he had a job.


But he needed his birth certificate from my safe (2 hours away) and I had the key.

Right then a client called, and we took their site live on the spot. We had been waiting months. I could not travel until the site was live and in the clear.

While I was doing that my son found an alternative second form of identification. No need for a birth certificate.


About this time, Sharon and I sat down to talk.

We talked for a couple hours and came up with some great ideas on how to move our concept forward finding a way to work together and balance our talents. It was a great discussion. It is just the type of thing that helps ground us together and inspire us.

It is one of the things that makes our relationship work!

Fast forward into the afternoon, and I found myself learning some new things while working on a future site prototype for the same project.

Later, I moved into a different exploratory session working on my own business website, reworking the blog layout in a new system. This led me to find several new things and I passed these on as a tip to my friend and client, Mike later in the evening.

About this same time, communications started coming in from multiple clients.
One stalled project is finally going to go live on August 1st and I will be able to add a terrific example to my portfolio finally. There’s a small amount of work for me to do there. I have been prepaid for most of the go-live portion of things so that doesn’t get my finances moving too much in a direct way.

Another scenario though, has me building up a proposal for a significant site overhaul and upgrade for a client of about 6 years. This is also a client who regularly refers me to new people. Some of those referrals have turned into business and many have not, but she is constantly thinking of me and sending me lots of opportunities to do business.

Reworking that site and helping her achieve great new things, could be another excellent new example to add to my portfolio as well, not to mention it could be a source of revenue for the next month or two.

The day was suddenly looking up on several fronts. I had shifted into writing/marketing mode and wrote up an article to earn me a 50-90% discount on a new marketing tool that I am loving.

Even more important, the tools I am using to lay out that writing are turning out to be amazing.

I think it is going to revolutionize my ability to communicate and reach out to people and show them useful things that can improve their own businesses.

Meanwhile, Sharon had come home and made an amazing salad and a pizza that were out of this world. There is no way that my words can ever do justice to her skills as a cook. It is an understatement to even call her a good cook.

She raises a lot of her own food. Friends and clients often give her some foods as well for the loving care she shows them through her own work. She also knows how to shop for just the right herbs and ingredients and mix and match and put these things together in ways that are truly amazing.

Supper was beyond amazing and started right as the electricity went out.

We ate a wonderful dinner by candle light and had a great conversation again (this followed some dancing earlier during the food prep). The lights came back on later and we started to call it a night.

She’s reading a bit from Outlander and I’m writing. This is the first night I will get to sleep with some positive financial hope for my immediate future.

Sharon has been there for me when I was calmly gliding through an emotional low point, a bottom. She helped me to keep a positive perspective just as good things are now starting to break.

Tomorrow, I will drive home (probably) and make good things come to fruition.

I can’t wait to wake up!


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