I am sitting on a rock very near the highest point on Howard Knob (Howard’s Knob) overlooking Boone, North Carolina. This is my second time here in two days.

I just had some Napa Chicken Salad and Tuscan Bean Salad for lunch on this same rock, picked up at the local Earth Fare. I’m sipping at a Chai Latte grande from Higher Grounds where I now have a loyalty card with a single punch.

I can hear the birds talking to each other up here and a dog barking in the valley far below. It’s a big doggie.

Yesterday, I spent some terrific time up on this mountain with my girlfriend and love Sharon. We were up to something special up here, something that I have wanted to do with a lover for a long, long time on top of a mountain. 

We were building a potential future together. We were starting the initial work and planning of creating a project that could grow into a business, maybe a school, maybe even a future way of life together. 

One of my favorite things in the world is to grow a project or a business. Generally, I do this for a living these days working as a WordPress architect, someone who takes a clients requirements or sometimes even analyzes their challenges and problems and creates a vision to build those requirements or to solve those challenges and problems with a business or a business solution. In a past life I have done similar work coming at it professionally from the role of an accountant or a finance manager or contract manager or project manager or process improvement specialist or even a small business manager. Before all of that, I did the same thing as an employee in almost every job or role I have ever had.

Some people experience symptoms of OCD to clean or tidy up. I experience something similar when it comes to trying to improve a business, fine tune the organism of the business or hatch the embryo from the egg and help it grow.

I’ve rarely had the opportunity to do this with someone I love. I’m not going to analyze the causes of that, but I have longed for an opportunity to do just that.

Yesterday, Sharon and I started on that working up here in the sun ( a not so common occurrence for Boone) brainstorming and mapping out ideas. We worked to do a bit of a mind meld and learn how to speak each other’s language in the context of building a business. This is not always an easy thing to do for anyone, and sometimes more challenging for people that love each other and are in a relationship together. It takes a lot of conscious effort to set your ego aside and attempt to create something like this together.  

It can be just as challenging for ‘business associates’ that do not have a personal relationship to do the same thing. Sometimes also challenging for ‘friends’ to work together to build and grow a business.

 It’s not for everyone. 

Sometimes people are not in the right place to work with someone else.

Sometimes people and their personalities simply do not make a good match for this type of creation. They might make a terrific couple, they might even be best friends or family members…

Yet, that other context can sometimes get in the way. Sometimes personal buttons are pushed as they attempt to figure out how to do business together.

Sharon and I are giving this a go. Like me, she has the desire and the long time ‘fantasy’ to be able to build something like this with someone special in her life as well. Just finding two people that are willing to try is a rarity in my experience.
Yesterday’s initial effort went very well. It was wonderful and glorious at times for both of us.

We later went out afterwards and went to a local Conscious Dance event in town at a local church named St. Lukes. I am not religious and neither is Sharon. We are both spiritual however and for me (don’t want to speak for Sharon too much…) and my impression that for Sharon as well, dancing is one of the best ways to connect with my soul with life and others. It was a great experience that I enjoyed thoroughly. 

I’m physically a bit tired and sore today from two hours of non-stop dancing. I am driving back to my own home in Charlotte today. Yet, I didn’t want to leave town feeling tired (even after a full night of sleep). So I came up here to recapture the feelings I had yesterday.

On a personal level, I’m working through some financial challenges as I also reset my own business. Cash flow has been a challenge that I am still solving. I am rebuilding all aspects of my life, and as I rebuild them, there are struggles to work through along the way. Some things open up and are far easier and others squeeze and constrain me at times. Some people would offer up an analogy of going through a cycle of rebirth. There are definitely many parallels here. 

I’ve written many times about the pain or struggle I’m going through in my personal life, not just on this site but on Facebook and elsewhere. I’m very open.
Its not always as easy for me to write about the good and happy feelings that I experience. Its easier I think with happy good feelings to be present in the moment and just experience the happiness. With pain, we need to ground it, set it aside ourselves to move on beyond it. For me writing is one way to ground the pain.

Yesterday, was such a wonderful milestone, about 6 months and 2 days after my first date with Sharon back in December, an event that was one of the best first dates I have ever experienced or heard of even. In six months we have journeyed a long and positive way. We have worked and grown through many personal challenges and many challenges as a couple. Still we are in love and growing more and now venturing to try something new for both of us.

I take a deep breath as a slightly cool breeze washes over me. I’m sitting bare foot on this large rock. The birds are still singing. The leaves are rustling lightly. A mother and her two daughters are climbing around on some rocks below me and out of site through the leaves, but I can hear the sounds of their conversation even though I cannot make out what they are actually saying, other than the occasional ‘Mother…’ 

It’s a beautiful day.

I can glance to my right and see the clearing that Sharon and I sat in with papers and large sheets of post it sheets designed to hang from easels or be stuck to walls, were lying in front of us anchored by shoes and cell phones and a computer bag.

It was wonderful to talk through things and find our way. It was not easy. Communicating a vision for a new project or business to someone else and then accepting their own vision and thoughts back and melding those together is not easy. We did it! I say it was not easy, but I have done this type of thing with many people and groups and even people that I loved before and I know from experience that it can also be much more difficult and complicated and even painful.

This was none of those things.

looking to adopt a kitten? leave a comment below!

Later today when I venture home (and check on the foster kittens and cats that a friend was watching for me), I’ll start to digitize our mindmaps and plans and continue to grow our concepts. This is part of the place where my mojo comes into play, turning a concept into something digitally tangible. 

For this project, much of the ‘goods’ are going to be courses and lessons that Sharon will build and many that she will teach. She has been a massage therapist for over 25 years and has a wide array of skills and experience in many aspects and disciplines relating to healing and massage therapy. So much so that my couple of sentences describing her skills and talent are far far too understated, but this was why we spent several hours mapping and capturing the good stuff yesterday. 

Soon, it will be far easier to show and describe her talents, or at least those talents that she is ready and willing and able to teach others. My mojo applied will help her light and her mojo be visible and something that can be shared with the world. My role is to simplify and amplify this for her. Eventually, my role may grow as we move past this incubation stage. Time will tell, but I truly love the reality that we are creating together right now.

I can’t wait to begin!

And with that, I have fully brought the memory of the feeling and the energy of yesterday back into my system. In some ways, I have brought in even more as yesterday, while we working, I was slightly caught up in my own anxiety over money. I was about 90% present yesterday during my low points and 100% present much of the time. 

Today, I feel like I have been able to connect some of my own life goals and the potential energy I have stored away in those for years to the kinetic energy of what we are now working on. I feel as if I’m working with a much larger pie of energy now.

I’m ready to move forward, hop off this rock, drive down the mountain and back to my own abode where I can make the worky stuff happen!

I trust that you too will do amazing things today and this weekend. I trust you will make the worky stuff happen as well and in doing so make a great day!


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