I’m standing with my back to the cliff face of Crowder’s Mountain on a misty Monday morning listening to Sting’s Brand New Day album with a Thousand Year’s of Light just starting.

I hiked up here to allow the traffic of I-85 to free up and flow away from me allowing my return trip from dropping off my daughter at school to ease my path. This last year I have changed completely after my personal life crashed and I was devastated by a divorce and the fallout that comes with the experience. I later met someone new and fell in love for the first time (again) in over two decades even as I continued to heal and open up more continuing to change more and more.

I’ve learned in this last year to focus on making the best of each situation and not just making but finding the best and the happiness available in each situation. Somedays my skills in this new exercise are far more successful than others, which become my fodder for reflection and more growth.

I normally write less complex sentences too!

This morning I feel the need to share the juxtaposition and the complexity of my changes even as I seek to embrace even more change…

As I hiked up the mountain I focused on trying to spot rocks that might normally escape my focus and attention. I always seek out beauty when I’m walking, hiking, running, paddleboarding or simply moving through life. Beauty energizes me with a feeling of love and wonder and this helps me remain connected to life and the positive things in life. It keeps me focused on the things that uplift me, open me up and allow me to move forward. I’m choosing my words carefully and consciously this morning working to maintain a similarly positive focus and keep my thoughts easy and free.


The sun is streaming over my shoulder and in my periphery creating a beautiful outline to my opposite side as the outline of the forms blocking the suns rays make their own presence known.

Sting is singing about writing a letter telling a love that he is happy now in the third track of the album.

A year ago I listened to this album on repeat for months. It was safe and healing music for me at the time and remains so for me now.

The uneven granite rocks below my feet help me to shift from position to position to gain different levels of leg stretches as I type. The shifting helps me to take pause and regain my focus. My purpose today is to maintain a level of ease with my thoughts of feeling grateful and happy and feeling the bounty that has allowed me to be here. My soul is rich and I have made many opportunities for myself throughout my life. As I face forward with my back to the cliff I am allowing the ease of my path to open up before me as I choose between these opportunities that I have created and those that are about to manifest next.

I occasionally lean into the rock that my iPad and wireless keyboard rest on which gives me a different type of relief and relaxation while the pointing edge of the rock keeps my focus sharp. The focus that I am applying here is new to me as I am working to evolve beyond my skills of compare and contrast and critical analysis and cost and benefit. These skills have served me well during my adult life thus far, but as I level up in this forty-third year of my life, I need and am working to build additional skills.

Sting is moving into the song After the Rain has Fallen “After the tears have washed away your eyes…. There’ll Still be love in the World

There is a single strand of spider web coming down from the pine tree at the cliff’s edge to the rock I am using as a stand up desk. As I shift right, it sometimes teases my forearm. Its existence is warming in a life affirming way, this single thread is either all that has been created so far this morning or maybe all that is left from one a spider created yesterday and it is enough to build more upon as the day continues.

I have many positive threads to build on myself and I’m doing just this. Like the spider I too am trying to remain sensitive to the twinges of vibration that might indicate activity and opportunity and more abundance that has come my way. I can glance out over the cliff at the beautiful tree tops and communities below that stretch out towards Spencer Mountain to my Northeast and Charlotte to the East and South Carolina to the Southeast.
This is my current location however my own webs reach out and around the world. I have worked as a business developer, web developer, marketing consultant, business coach and trainer of trainers in many of these things for the last ten years. This was my second or third career depending on how I count things. As I stand on this ledge, I stand on the cusp of what feels like the dawn of a new career.

With each new career I have begun, I have always taken some new evolution of my soul into my new endeavor. I moved beyond simple jobs after gaining some amazing confidence in myself and into a career in the military twenty five years ago. Then I moved from the military into several small business roles as a manager or owner after gaining a sense of accomplishment that gave me a taste of my own potential. I moved beyond this role as I simultaneously added to my education and knowledge through formal education and a double major in Finance and Accounting while working full time in a career with the Postal Service. Leaving that I moved into the role of a business executive starting at with an entry level position and racing upwards quickly while again simultaneously building my education with a Master’s in Tax Law and International Business.

I moved from that role into my current role with a new appreciation for the global dynamics of business and its rules and challenges and a taste for what truly felt like a fit and eliminating some of the things that no longer served me. I was just beginning to learn how to leave behind the things that I no longer needed after filling my cup a bit and then making room for a new brew.

These last ten years have offered up a microcosm of self education and experience growing my own business, while growing and improving the businesses of many dozens of clients as well not to mention helping hundreds of thousands of people through my writing and video tutorials.

“I’m going to pick my girl up tonight. I’m going to fill her up and head west” is sung by Sting on ‘Fill Her Up’ as I keep working through my thoughts. The chorus, a literal chorus, is just starting to back up Sting with a soulful religious sound replacing the country twang that preceeded it in the same song. “You gotta fill her up with light”

I have been filling myself up with light for the last year as I have worked to open up my soul and heal. This was an hour by hour, day by day thing. Sometimes I felt as if I simply needed to survive a bit at a time and eventually the light would help me get there and often move beyond to feelings of peace and bounty and happiness. I have been focused these last few months on trying to bring these feelings and this process to my business in everything I do.

This is a new challenge and area of growth for me. I am emptying my cup of some of the business and the business practices from the old brew that did not provide both me or my clients with this experience and feeling. I am making space for the light I need to provide for myself and for my future endeavors.

The shadows are moving and I feel a peace far below and can sense that road before me has opened up. Its time for me to wrap up this post and article and find my path down from this mountain and to the next place I will be able to orchestrate and build my future, find my light and share that with others. The bounty I will find is this light and its time to dip my fingers in the light and let it soak into my skin and rejuvenate me for another day.

Find your peace, find your light, allow your own beautiful day to unfold!


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