I tend to write a lot of words. But I take a lot of inexpert snapshots too. Here’s a day in pictures and a few words…  My app that I write on was not cooperating, so the words barely type themselves right now anyway.  

Today has been a beautiful day including a beautiful hike up Snake Mountain (before the rain came even).

Hello Snail!

This is a beautiful rock and my picture on the lens of my iphone. 
I kept expecting a ram to run out on the ledge of this rock and ask me three questions before I could pass…

1. What is your name?

2. What is your quest?

3. What is the average flight speed of an African Swallow?

Then when the ram never showed up, I thought I should buy a flock of rams or is it a heard or hurd? and then I could provide a rent-a-ram service to future hikers so tht. they would not be deprived of this experience.
Followed by some time working at a local coffee shop (Higher Grounds in Boone), and then some time at the laundromat.

Sometimes (after too much caffeine) we find fun in the silliest things and that was me today at the laundromat, something that takes me back to my childhood in the 1970’s instantly. This isn’t the same one, but much of the style and equipment are exactly the same vintage.

This particular folding table reminded me of a ping pong table. My girlfriend Sharon, didn’t have a ping pong ball nor I any paddles so no games this go around, but next time…!!!

Now for all of you that want o have gray, grey, blue, pink or purple hair, this is not the place to come and do your laundry. I personally have, I repeat, HAVE ridden in the laundry carts and more than once.  I have also roller bladed in many many places, but never in a laundromat. I have skateboarded in a laundromat though. 

I can slo attest to just how hot these dryers can get, and not one of them was scantilly clad either. They have this much hotness with sheet metal alone…

I have to admit I was surprisezed by how small this particular warning was. I would have expected a lot larger sign to warn people away from putting their plastic or RUBBERIZED items in here, but then again maybe that warning is really only necessary for my friend Brad and he’s in Lexington Kentucky, probably wtrying to wash his mega collection of Adama and Even toys and accessories on a super hot permanent press cycle. Brad likes em flat!.

Sharon and I had quite a few laughs at Mang and her laundrette rules. Mang might also be just a bit passive agressive or upset about getting passed over for a part in the Flash Gordon series in the 1940’s. 

Oversoaping is such a major problem. I’d just like to take this moment to let us all reflect on our own propesnities for over soaping not just washers, but sinks, wash rags, flannels, cars, horses, hallways, dance floors, walmart restrooms, and Outback Steakhouses. I’m also surprised that this sign, printed on paper and taped to the wall has not been overtaken by suds yet.

It does not good to assign responsibility without accountability. Who is it that must clean this compartment daily? This is the question of our times. Is it Donald Trump? Bernie Sanders? Hillary Clinton, Putin? Or Mike Rowe? Someone has to do it as is obvious, but the manufactureres of this dryer did not think about this when they had the warning stamped on each and everyone of these machines.

This braile no smoking sign was about twenty feet in from the door. It was about five feet up off the floor. I had to wonder how many vision impaired smokers would walk in and find the sign and then think, “Oh Shit, guess I can’t smoke in the laundromat!”

Someone has had to wait at least fifty years for their patent to get approved and meanwhile they are rolling out these coin dispensed dryers everywhere!!!

Sometimes you just need change

This would mean something very different at a disco

NEVER and I mean NEVER Cross the Streams of Mike and Ike’s with Skittles. This is so WRONG!!

This is what happens when you cross the streams. A Mike and Ike gets wasted… Unless someone really drunk from a college town walks into the laundromat when they need something sweet…

These washing machinews were at least 5 feet tall and I couldn’t imagine who would want to sit on them, until I glanced over at Sharon and had a lacivious thought.

The source of my spanish lesson for the day!  

A very snaggle toothed old dog outside the laundromat. You’ll have to take my word for it. Very cute old dog. 

Amazing burritos and salad and sweet potato french fries at the Coyote Kitchen in Boone, just under the eves to avoid the rain.

This is not my dick pick

On the way home, a tree fell across the road blocking traffic, so this was our detour.


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