Today is a go with the flow kind of day. I started working in an orthodontist’s waiting room. 

Now, I am working from a dock overlooking the South Fork River on an extra breezy afternoon for this area. It is a beautiful day. I am sitting on a black rocking chair in the shade. This is a public dock on the river next to the Goat Island Park.

I was just about ready to dive into some technical work, when my computer, a 2012 13″ Mac book started to crash. I saved my work and the dozens of tabs and things and then restarted. I was then made aware of an El Capitan upgrade that was available. So figuring, the crashes were getting worse maybe in part due to having newer software apps running on an older OS (total uninformed speculation on my part) I decided to upgrade.

Then I watched as the 6 gb upgrade file started to slowly download… … … … … …

I realized it was time to take this as a sign, and walk down the street to check my mail. I brought my trusty ipad and bluetooth keyboard to do some writing for the day, recharge by the water and get better connected with myself.

I am super happy I did that. I can’t think of a more beautiful place to be at this particular moment, and it is definitely boosting my spirits up a notch or four.

Sometimes when I go against the flow, I might instead in the past have chosen to sit and wait and stare at the computer screen watching the progress bar grow slowly and then more slowly and then even more slowly and then crawl to an almost dead stop as my anxiety and antagonism increase and increase and increase.

But today, I made the right choice!

This was an opportunity to get out and seek a better temporary office. I needed to continue working. This is not a break nor a vacation or anything. But I did need to move to an even better location to boost my energy, raise my spirits and give me some of those memories that will help me know that I am experiencing and giving myself a great day.

As I meet and speak with people throughout the rest of the day, my mind will not be beleaguered with the stress of having watched that progress bar. Instead, I will be relaxed and smiling and happy at the memory and feeling of time in the sun, time rocking in the shade, time being productive and not thwarted in my goals for the day.

I will be more centered, grounded and focused. I will be more present in mind, body and spirit with whomever I communicate with.

I feel no guilt about enjoying this beautiful location. I feel no guilt about the technical work being temporarily delayed. When I return and my machine runs with the new upgrade, both myself and my machine will be even more capable of doing an effective and efficient job.

Spot the hints sent your way to go with the flow, adapt and keep moving forward along the path of least resistance.

Its not always easy to spot these opportunities to give ourselves the good stuff. If we are mindful, AND we have given ourselves lots of alternatives and options and tools to use, things we can bounce to…, we can be ready to adapt and not just overcome adversity, but seize the opportunity that the scenario that seemed ‘adverse’ is really presenting us!

Go give yourself a beautiful day!

flowers in bloom on my walk back afterwards

it was pretty bright out and I now realize that my bright daylight smile is more of a squint. behind sun glasses, I do not look as happy as I feel. I need to work on breaking out thise pearly whites a bit more! 😁


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