This morning I woke up and took a hike. I started the hike messaging with a friend from my Divorce Support Meetup group.

Don’t worry this article and site will have nothing to do with divorce!

My messaging just sets the stage for my discovery.

and this song added after the fact is a decent sound track for this post.

I have been searching or angling for a paradigm, something to operate within, a constraint to tie bits and pieces of my life back together again. As I walked and the walk took me from the sidewalks outside of my apartment across the bridge to a park nearby and then finally to the grassy greenway of a local nature conservancy, I realized I was in search of many things, including an office, a place to work. For the last 8 years, I worked from a wifi powered fishing dock on Lake Wylie on the border of North and South Carolina.


I loved that office and that location and always will. It is no longer mine to love. For those 8 years, it was also a very isolating place.

I have a wander lust that pulses in my veins now like never before. Last I checked, I was not independently wealthy and so to feed my lust for travel, work will be required. That is absolutely a good thing. I need purpose as much as I need travel and as much as I need the opposite of isolation.

Yet, I also need the beauty of nature…

 As I walked, I remembered the movie, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World with Steve Carrell and Keira Knightley. I absolutely love that movie.

I do not love it for its morbidity. I love it because the characters keep searching for a companion, for each other, for love, right up until…. they do not need to search any longer.

So searching for a perfect office, is not exactly what I am about here.

I am in search of many perfect places to work, to find myself, to find humanity, to find the world and more.

In the movie, I love the paradox of their search and that title. So I find myself also searching for an office for the end of the world. It is an ironic reminder that searching for work knowing that the end of the world is about, is (almost) a foolish endeavor.

It is so human to persist even when there may not be a reason to move forward.

 As I type these words a kayaker just drifted lazily by the South Fork River where I am pearched on two fallen trees that crashed down into the water parallel to the bank long enough ago for them to look like drift wood, but not to have completely lost all of their bark. A large bass is occasionally tearing into something about twenty feet from me disrupting the serenity temporarily as it gobbles up something that only a bass would find juicy.

So I am going to start working through this paradigm of Seeking an Office for the End of the World. I will venture out from time to time and find a beautiful place to exercise my mojo and do my thing. Maybe you will be interested in following my journey and maybe I’ll stop by and visit you or you might join me along the way!

No matter what, we are going to make something very interesting and find some amazing places, amazing people and maybe a touch of our own humanity.


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